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15 June 2016 @ 12:57 am

Themes Sets

Time For A Wedding

Mother's Day

New Gal In Town

May The 4th Be With You
for females20in20
29 April 2016 @ 09:59 pm

Lims-BTVS is looking for sign-ups! http://lims-btvs.livejournal.com/95586.html
21 December 2015 @ 09:32 pm
I would like to put this here for posterity. For the record, I only read the first 6)!?) books in the Legacy of the Force series-I stopped when Mara got fridged and am still not sure how this series got approved, though admittedly people mistake grimdark for depth and of course repeating plots if what a lot of fanfic does. I will put them under an individual cut cause these got long.
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Yikes. That is all.
22 July 2015 @ 01:19 pm
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20 January 2014 @ 10:47 pm

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For the Out With the Old I used my regular style, very simple coloring with non-fancy crops. In case you were wondering, the "Dare" icon is a reference to the fact that Gandalf is daring Bilbo to come on an adventure.
For the In With the New I tried to be far more complex, playing around with coloring and composition. The challenege icons are where I challenged myself to do something fancy.
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